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B2B Marketers Struggle With Compelling Content – Solution Inside

b2b-content-marketing-challenges-2011.jpg41% of B2B marketers say that producing the kind of content that engages prospects and customers is their biggest content marketing challenge, representing a 14% increase from 36% of respondents in 2010, according to [download page] a December 2011 study by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute. Data from “B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends” indicates that respondents are also grappling with two challenges that go hand in hand: producing enough content (20%), and having the budget to produce enough content (18%). A lack of buy-in from higher-ups in the company (12%), producing a variety of content (7%), and having the budget to license content (1%) are primary challenges to relatively fewer B2B marketers.

Budgets Are a Challenge, But Spending to Increase

Although 1 in 5 B2B marketers site having sufficient content marketing budgets as their primary challenge, data from the study indicates that content marketing spending is on the rise. Although roughly 26% of marketers’ total budgets are allocated to content marketing efforts this year, the same as in 2010, this year 60% of respondents indicate they will increase spending on content marketing in 2012, compared to just 3% that say they will decrease their spending levels.

The average amount of budget spent on content marketing appears to vary significantly by company size, with a negative correlation between size and budget share. For example, companies with fewer than 10 employees spend 34% of their budgets on content marketing, whereas companies with more than 1000 employees allocate 20% of their budgets.

Meanwhile, outsourcing also appears to be on the rise: whereas in 2010 only 55% of marketers used outsourcing in some capacity, this year that proportion has risen to 62%. When seeking out the right vendors to support content marketing, marketers use a variety of resources, with the biggest increase from last year seen in the use of consultants (32% vs. 27%) and the biggest decrease found in the use of trade shows as a venue to find support (20% vs. 26%).

Brand Awareness, Customer Acquisition Lead All Goals

Brand awareness and customer acquisition are content marketers’ top goals, cited by 68% of survey respondents. Lead generation (66%) and customer retention/loyalty (61%) follow closely, with website traffic (56%), engagement (55%), and thought leadership (55%) also goals for a majority of marketers. Almost half cite sales as a goal, while just 39% report using content marketing for lead management/nurturing.

Content marketing goals appear to be fairly unrelated to overall digital marketing goals: according to a November report from Webmarketing 123, lead generation (46.4%) is by far the most important objective of digital programs for B2B marketers, outstripping sales generation (22.2%), brand awareness development (15.3%), and site traffic generation (11.1%).

Web Traffic Top Success Indicator

Although web traffic is not a top goal among content marketers, it is the leading indicator of success, cited by 58% of respondents. Sales lead quality (49%) follows, while direct sales, sales lead quantity, qualitative feedback from customers, and SEO ranking are measurement criteria to roughly 4 in 10. The least popular indicator of success is inbound links, cited by 30% of marketers.

According to the November Webmarketing123 study, the vast majority (73.9%) of B2B digital marketers use web traffic as a measurement of campaign success, ahead of lead generation (69.2%) website click-through rate (64.7%), and sales (62.5%).

About the Data: A total of 1,092 B2B marketers worldwide (the majority from North America) responded in August 2011 to the MarketingProfs survey, which was mailed electronically to a sample of marketers from among members and subscribers of MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute. The marketers represented a full range of industries, functional areas, and company size.

Reputation Management Solution

The “common-thread-theory” can be applied to all of the above mentioned, it’s no surprise or secret that businesses are in desperate need of an online solution that doesn’t cost them an arm and leg!  Most importantly a solution that produces results not only drive traffic to your business, but enhances your online presence by improving your businesses online brand recognition through positive-viral content marketing.

BUT.. The million dollar question is, what content do you capture and market and is there a reputable company that provides such services?

I don’t want to bore you with all the statistics, so let’s just play the common sense game.  What do you see on every single business Google search?

Review and Ratings are more relevant on the web than any other content you could possible manifest! Just think, what do you look at when shopping online or what do you read when wanting to measure a business success? Large businesses like  auto dealers have grasped to this years ago and the results speak for themselves.

ASK YOURSELF THIS, “how much business would I gain if I had 1000’s of positive reviews on my page one Google or page one of relative search phrases to my business?” A better question is, “how much business am I loosing by not implementing a reputation management strategy?”

The dealership used as example, “Kearny Pearson Ford” out of San Diego, CA. uses an affordable reputation management company that any business can afford named Business Rater http://www.businessrater.com to monetize and syndicate their sold customers reviews and ratings to Google, Yahoo and Bing on their page one Google of their business name, relative search phrases and much more!

With Business Rater’s integrated consumer survey system , Kearny Pearson Ford receives detailed-statistic analytics of their sold customers to optimize their current marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies as well as improve their online reputation.

For more information about reputation management solutions for your business, regardless what vertical you operating in, please contact me directly.

Dan Weik
President | Business Rater
dan@businessrater.com |  619.800.4692

53% Of Shopper Search For Product Reviews While In Store

53% Of Shoppers Search For Product Reviews While In Store


Three in five social shoppers conduct competitive price searches or find specials, coupons, or deals while in a retail location, according to a study released in October 2011 by Performics and conducted by ROI Research. Data from the “2011 Social Shopping Study” indicates that these are the most popular frequent or occasional in-store online search activities among shoppers who use social networks during the shopping process. 53% also search for product reviews while in-store, while 45% research product availability. According to the study, 41% of social shoppers research product information, 40% check for alternate store locations, while 37% search for product images and 18% search for product videos.

From Dan: Imagine that more than half of your ‘in store’ traffic is looking you up online everyday while standing directly in front of you! This may be devastating to many businesses who allow third parties to dominate their online market share, brand and product!

What’s even scarier is what if 50% of your 53% leave your business do to negative content, bad reviews from third parties and competitors stealing your online space on your Page One Google, Yahoo or Bing? 

That’s 25% profit loss that can seriously effect your bottom line & marketing budget!

The solution is simple. Either pro-actively manage your online reputation if you’re an online wiz or identify industry professionals to help you that are fluent in; Reputation Management, Online Marketing, SEO, SEM, Keyword Optimization, Marketing Ninjas is who you desire!
You can either use the bandade method like “Adwords” thats expensive and difficult to understand or organic methods that are inexpensive and work for you 24/7 unlike Adwords where the traffic stops when the money runs out.

DAN WEIK / President & CEO
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San Diego, CA. 92108

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Skype: danweik

Follow (ME) on Facebook

Follow (BR) on Facebook

A general description of Business Rater for your understanding:

Business Rater is a Review and Rating System that is custom built for businesses to allow them to moderate their own reviews on the web after collecting approx. 99% of their sold customer’s reviews and ratings using our improved sales process.  We then market those positive results to Google, Yahoo, Bing increasing SEO/SEM on relative search phrases to the dealer, ultimately driving more traffic to the dealers website and rooftop. 

With (BR) integrated survey system our clients receive detailed statistic analytics of their sold customers to optimize their current marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies.  Business Rater not only improves their online reputation, but trumps other 3rd party companies and competitors competing for their page on relative search phrases like City/Year/Make/Model, service department services searches, employee searches, business franchise and marque name searches.

Google Stays on Top

Google Stays on Top

comscore-top-50-properties.jpgGoogle sites ranked as the #1 property in September with 184.6 million visitors, up more than 1 percent from June figures. Microsoft Sites continued to gain ground on Yahoo Sites, remaining in the #3 spot with 176.9 million visitors but right behind Yahoo’s 177.1 million. ESPN, Technorati Media and NBC Universal each jumped four positions, to rank at #20, #26 and #41, respectively. NFL Internet Group appeared in the top 50 ranking for the first time at #40 (28.2 million visitors).

Google Also Tops in Ad Focus

comscore-ad-focus-ranking.jpgGoogle Ad Network led the September Ad Focus ranking with a reach of 92.8% of Americans online, unchanged from its leading reach in June (see link above), followed by Yahoo Network Plus (86.1%) and AOL Advertising (84.8%). AdWorks maintained its position at #4 with an 82.6% reach, while ValueClick Networks rounded out the top five at 81.6%.


Google sure makes it appealing to advertise on their platform with a reach of 92.8% ofAmericans online! Wow, the Public School System may need to mandate Elementary Adwords class!

If you believe you are fully engulfed in the matrix now just wait till our children are sitting in
your desk chair! – Dan Weik 

Web Influences Half of Retail Sales

Web Influences Half of Retail Sales

In 2011, more than $1.1 trillion in retail sales could be attributed to “web-influenced” purchases (offline retail sales influenced by online research),according to [download page] a white paper released in October 2011 by Group M Search and Compete. Data from “Search’s Role in the New Retail Shopper Profile” indicates that combined with measured online sales, 48% of all retail sales are either online purchases or Web-influenced purchases.

This trend is expected to continue. By 2014, the percentage of all retail sales that are web-influenced is forecast to increase to 53%, or $1.4 trillion. In addition, 93% of buyers use search in the in-store shopping process.

Generic Queries Dominate Buyer Search Behavior

Buyers are much more likely to search on generic terms than branded, as 86% of buyers conduct generic, as opposed to branded, queries. In studying the referrals from search engines to brand and third-party sites, research also shows that more visitors arrive from generic searches, indicating early stage searching at the top of the purchase funnel.

Buyers show a greater propensity to click on a generic link, at a rate of 144% more than the general shopper conducting searches in the related category.

Non-branded Queries Drive 73% of Referrals

Almost three-quarters (73%) of referrals come from non-branded queries. The only instance where the gap in these numbers starts to close is during the holiday period, when other paid media spends increase enough to push branded searches. Up to 34% of branded searches during this time. Of all clicks happening on a search result page, 92% come from organic, with only 8% from paid, referral.

Organic Listings Drive Buyer Behavior

Buyers consistently click on the organic links of a search engine results page (SERP) more often than paid. For branded queries it is just as pronounced, with buyers clicking 64% of the time, broken out by 94% on organic links, compared to 6% percent paid. This new data is even more of a tilted reality than the universally stated 80-20 rule of organic compared to paid traffic traditionally espoused. In fact, a broader view utilizing Compete’s US Top 100 retailer data and eliminating the holiday period puts the ratio of organic to paid clicks closer to 85-15.

e-tailing group: 1 in 3 Online Consumers Perform Mobile Research

Approximately one in three online US consumers have performed one of several mobile shopping research activities in the past three months, according to [pdf] a study from the e-tailing group and PowerReviews. Data from “The 2011 Social Shopping Study” indicates that a leading 33% of online consumers have both checked for sales and specials and looked up store information such as hours, location and maps via mobile device in the past three months

Note From Dan

1) The web has become increasingly dynamic and advances in new directions in what seems to be a daily basis, right or wrong?

2) Dominant web tools such as Google Webmaster Tools clearly identify what direction to drive in, what path to focus on and how to reach our goals, but who has time for that!

3) Consumer statistics such as above back up Google’s never-ending updates, but the problem that underlies is by the time we arrive at planet “thank god we made it” Google has already programmed new direction, right or wrong?

Business owners are typically great at doing what they love the most, managing their business!

*I’d be willing to be the surf shop owner didn’t really dream on becoming an Internet Marketer when he grew up, he didn’t want to waste countless hours a day in front of his MAC!  I believe he wanted to own a business doing (exactly) what he loves to do, but that dream has been spoiled and he now must sink or swim with the online sharks circling his store!! HOW FAIR IS THAT? Not very, but it’s a reality and business has advanced to “Digital Marketing” so if you’re not swimming in Digital Advancement Technology (and no expect you to be) that truly supports and pushes todays marketing era then you have no choice but to find a team that eats, breathes and lives for new technology and stays current in today’s cutting edge technology before your neighbor who’s opened up shop down the street “who also sells surf boards” claims your Online Real-Estate!” 

DAN WEIK / President & CEO 


5694 Mission Center Rd #141
San Diego, CA. 92108
[T] 619.800.4692
[F] 619.684.1538
Skype: danweik

A general description of Business Rater for your understanding:

Business Rater is a Review and Rating System that is custom-built for businesses to allow them to moderate their own reviews on the web after collecting approx. 99% of their sold customer’s reviews and ratings using our improved sales process.  We then market those positive results to Google, Yahoo, Bing increasing SEO/SEM on relative search phrases to the dealer, ultimately driving more traffic to the dealers website and rooftop. 

With (BR) integrated survey system our clients receive detailed statistic analytics of their sold customers to optimize their current marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies.  Business Rater not only improves their online reputation, but trumps other 3rd party companies and competitors competing for their page on relative search phrases like City/Year/Make/Model, service department services searches, employee searches, business franchise and marque name searches